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Simple Editing Tutorial

Simple Editing Tutorial

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Website, Here You Get All Editing Effects.These Effects are used in Photo scape and Photoshop. As Always we
come up with new effects and tutorials for our viewers.Today We are Introducing
Simple Editing in photoscape. In This Tutorial "Simple Editing in photoscape" We are going to teach you  Simple Editing in photoscape. This is new technique introduce by respective photo scape owners. We our going to share it with you, we hope that you may take help from it. If you have any question or need help then mail us at  our given id.
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Tutorial How to use textures in photoscape
easiest way!!

Tutorial :

If you want to edit picture like this then follow the instructions 
Material :
Step 1 :
Open your picture
Open that Texture in your photo (leave the opacity same)
Then photo+object
Step 2:
Film Effects
Portra - High
Step 3 :
Stay on Home Tab 
Backlight +200%

Step 4 :
Do the same 
Step 5 :
Do the same
Step 6 :
Sharpen 3

Use Film Effect 
(Cinema - Low)

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