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Know The Features Of Photoscape Tutorial

Know The Features Of Photoscape Tutorial
Welcome To My Website, Here You Get All Editing Effects.These Effects are used in Photo scape and Photoshop. As Always we come up with new effects and tutorials for our viewers.Today We are Introducing Photoscape Tutorials. In This Tutorial " Photoscape Tutorials "  . This is new technique introduce by respective photoscape owners. We our going to share it with you, we hope that you may take help from it. If you have any question or need help then mail us at  our given id.
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 Know The Features Of Photoscape 

So you see, photoscape offers different features that can help you do edits in just simple and easy to learn steps. Let me just give you some preview about its features.
  • The Batch Editor. The batch editor is very useful when you�re making gifs from many frames for it will edit it at once. All the editing you apply for a single picture will be applied to all the pictures you add on the batch editor. So basically, it will lessen your time editing pictures that has same effect on each of them.
  • The Splitter. The name defines itself. Of course the splitter is a tool that splits your photos into row and columns, or even any size that you want. It�s like when you crop the picture, but the difference is, the splitted pictures will be all saved in a folder.
  • The Combine tool. Combine lets you,of course, combine several pictures in one canvas. It can be combined horizontally, vertically or checkered.
  • The Page. So the page is where you place pictures on a layout. These feature allows the user to choose different layouts where you place your pictures.
          (Other features, to be updated later.)

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